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Advertising Your Event in Eastleigh

Once you've planned your local event and the date is set, the next thing you need to do is tell people about it.  Publicity for your event and getting the word out around Eastleigh can be free or relatively inexpensive.

If you do have an advertising budget we offer a leaderboard banner for just £10 for 30 days, you can renew this each month until your event is over.  This takes your event promotion one step further by grabbing the attention of our site visitors looking for local events.

There are plenty of ways of promoting and advertising your events for free in Eastleigh as we explain below:

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful selling tools because it also comes with a reliable, credible endorsement.  Start your event promotion by telling your friends, family and associates and ask them to spread the word. If you are selling tickets for your event, ask your supporters to carry a few around with them to sell on.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are obviously the biggest names in social media and are a quick, free and guaranteed way of exposure for your upcoming event.  Don't forget to update during and after your event with status updates, tweets, posting photos to instagram and Flickr.


Email is a very cheap form of communication, the people in your email list are notified instantly and information is easily passed on to others who may be interested. Take the time in writing an email to people you think may be interested and ask them to forward too. But don't spam!!


Print posters for local events are best on A3 paper with some eye-catching colour. Your posters can be put up in areas where there's pedestrians or lamposts by traffic lights - you may have to check with the local authority if this is permitted. Don't forget to take them down after the event.

Shop windows

Most local shops, libraries, cafes etc will be happy to display your event information.  Some will request a small fee, others will display it free.

Ask Local Businesses

Approach local firms asking if they would be willing to sponsor or help your event in any way.  Maybe their donation to the cause would be to provide free advertising space or popping your event ad in their next newsletter.


Village/Town Newsletter

Many villages and towns have a newsletter distributed door to door with a section on upcoming events. If you haven't left promoting your event to the last minute and are well-organised, you can get your event listed in a publication delivered to every household in the area.

Local newspapers and Radio

Local newspapers and radio stations are always looking to fill its pages and slots, send them a press release or give them a call. They may offer an ad spot or interview.  You can send us 'press release' type content by submitting a blog post - you will have to be registered and logged in to do so.  Send us your event and it will be considered for content on our home page and blog.

What's On Event Sections

Papers, publications and community websites can have 'What's On' sections.  People who read these columns are actively looking for things to do.