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Before submitting a new post or blog article you may want to take a look at our guest blogger tips page.

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Submitting and publishing an article to be included on our website is completely free of charge.  Your post will be published online, pending approval, usually within 48 hours where it will be accessible to the public for reading and commenting on through Facebook comments at the very end of your article.

Newer posts will be visible on the front home page of Eastleigh Borough, older posts will be located on the blog page.  If a particular post is of significant interest to our readers we will feature it  for an amount of time on the homepage and blog page, other posts may remain 'sticky' (remain at the top of the blog page).

Featured posts apply to big launches, big news, business promotions or particularly humorous or important information that should grab the attention of our readers first.

In addition, particularly interesting and helpful articles are also included in our regular newsletter.  This is great for business launches, upcoming events and promotions!


What's a Blog?

A blog is an information or discussion site published on the internet which consists of posts - or entries. Blogs can provide commentary on a particular subject and some others function as more personal online diaries.

Blogs can be the work of individuals or multi-author blogs (MABs) which are posts written by large numbers of authors.  Eastleigh Borough being one of them.

Blogs are usually interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments like our blogs do. Readers can only leave comments on our blogs here on if posted through the Facebook comments box below your article.  This avoids spam and other unwanted content.

What's a Press Release?

A press release is a statement given to news sources detailing information on a particular matter.  Other variations include a news release, media release, press statement.

Press releases allow businesses, bands and individuals to get exposure for matters like new companies, events, promotions, news and music album releases.

The statement that is released to the public is very useful for reaching a large audience.