Guest Bloggers Wanted

Blogging For Eastleigh

Blogging For Eastleigh

Guest Bloggers Wanted For Writing Content Articles

Eastleigh Borough blog wants fresh voices and perspectives, that's why we are looking to recruit a new team of guest bloggers for writing interesting content that will excite our readers.

We are particularly interested in new blog articles for local events and attractions, history of the local areas, Eastleigh Football Club, teen interests, mums and babies, dads bat caves, hobby enthusiasts... actually your guest blogging could be about anything you want to share with the wider community.

Maybe you need a press release type article for your new business or promotions? Whatever it is, whoever you are - share your events, thoughts and experiences!

We're looking for guest bloggers & article writers to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles and opinions that will benefit readers in Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Hedge End, West End, Busledon, Botley and the surrounding areas. We want original,


Eastleigh Borough

exciting and interesting posts on any of the many areas covered on from personal experiences to news and reviews. So if you think you have an interesting topic, get writing!

Eastleigh Borough's quite particular on posts we publish and particularly like stuff that hasn't been covered before, that's beneficial to our readers, anything topical, funny, historical, useful, inspiring and interesting content.

There's a style guide and a few pointers below for you to get an idea of what we are after so have a read and start writing as a guest blogger. All good articles will be published to our site.

Guest Blogging Rules:

If you are going to submit posts to, here's a few pointers to get your posts published!

1) is a family-friendly site so the following will not be tolerated:


Intolerant or offensive views or language

Graphic sexual references or offensive images

2) Sometimes you have such a bad experience and want to rant, understandably, but attacks on an individual or business is a no-no.

3) Don't use the guest blogging for over plugging brands or advertising (we offer a great service for business listings and advertising btw). However, if you have a new business opening within the Eastleigh Borough and a huge launch looming, we will be happy to receive articles about your open day and/or promotions for your business! See it like a press release!

4) Don't spam your posts with links and that rubbish - thank you, please 🙂

5) We appreciate that you have put time and effort into writing a quality blog for us and you deserve the credit, so we are more than happy to allow a link to your blog and/or your Twitter page in your author bio.  Be sure to register as a member too for more exposure for your writing efforts.

6) We don't like links to corporate or sales sites, guest blogging for us is about allowing showing your work and gaining local exposure for you.

7) Only post true, original content written by you. No duplicate or copied content ta.

8) Be wary of making sensational statements that are of personal opinion. No one wants to get into trouble for false accusations now do we.

9) Don't violate any copyright laws!

10) Our decision on whether to post or not is down to our own discretion.

The Blog Writing Process :

Once you have submitted your post it will be shown as pending review. We will contact you to let you know if your post has been published or refused. Don't be put off if we ask you to edit your post before publishing, we want it to be successful! Your post may be edited by us for better grammar and punctuation. Once your post is fit to go - we will update it's status to published. If particularly brilliant, your post could even be featured!

Tips On Writing Your Post if you are short of experience:

1) Have a great, informative and to the point title.

2) Use headings, bold font for key words and sentences, bullet lists for easy reading and include images - your own of course!

3) Try and write between 800 - 1500 words.

4) It's always a great idea to provide information about yourself, you can quickly build a following of admirers of your work and they want to know who's behind that great writing!

5) Don't include HTML or affiliate links

6) Do proofread and edit where necessary

7) Have a conclusion

8) Enjoy yourself!

Click here to post your blog article and contribute content to the residents and business audience of Eastleigh Borough!

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P.s. If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions about any of this article about guest blogging we will be pleased to help and accommodate where possible.  Contact us.


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