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Snagging Inspection

B & D Snagging Inspection Specialists assist buyers of new build properties.

When purchasing a new home there's always issues to be rectified.  However, if you buy a brand new property the build should be completed thoroughly and free of problems.  That is where snagging inspection comes in.

The last thing you'd want is problems that could cost you further down the road.

Sometimes, builders cause damage within the property or install defective components.  Some of these around the home go unnoticed by the builder and the new buyers.

Snagging Inspectors provide a great service to minimalise potential problems new home owners face by providing thorough inspections.

B & D Snagging Inspection Specialists checking new build properties and provide an independent report.  They provide the snagging inspection for the new property owners.

Inspections can take place prior to moving in to the new build property.  This can also be done at a later stage if you have already moved in and have come across some problems left by the builders.

A detailed report is provided for clients who are then free to approach their builder.  Damage and defects listed within the snagging report can requested to be rectified.

This service is especially useful for those who feel uncomfortable approaching their builders with concerns.

B & D Snagging Inspection Specialists offer their thorough services at very competitive rates.

The fee is well worth the peace of mind alone.

Testimonials that the team have received say it all, which you can read on their website along with further details about snagging, the process and what you can expect.

Go to B & D Snagging Inspections website for more information or to enquire about having your new build property checked.

Alternatively, give them a call on 07788 100188 during normal office hours.