Works to Bring Chaos to Our Roads

Leigh Road Eastleigh roadworks

Works to Bring Chaos to Eastleigh

Just when we thought that the traffic couldn't get any worse in Eastleigh town, a major junction is about to undergo works to bring chaos to our commutes.

The works at the crossroads of Leigh Road, Passfield Avenue and Woodside Road is to begin Monday 18th January and is set to last around 18 weeks.

According to the Daily Echo, the pending roadworks include:

  • Upgrading traffic lights
  • Additional left turn lane on Passfield Avenue for traffic turning into Leigh Road
  • Left turn filter lanes on Leigh Road junction to be extened
  • Footpath on Leigh Road to be shared with cycle path
  • Two signal-controlled Toucan crossings


The roadworks, due to be completed by the summer has outraged the motorist community, with many taking to Facebook to vent their rage.

"Why can't works like this be carried out during the school holidays when there's less congestion?" Is a common question amongst the comments.

And it seems to be perceived as a rue to using up the budget!

As we have seen on other recent works by the airport, the idea of reducing congestion is all very well, but with the ever constant roadworks ending on one road and then beginning on the next, is only adding to our misery!

The recent additions of the extra filter lanes by the aiport were actually welcomed by many, until they bunged traffic lights in!  The idea would have worked much better without them, and would have saved a few bob.

Unfortunately, there's also been a rumour that the waterboard are due to begin works in March 2016 and expected to be completed March 2017.  Running the entire length of Mansbridge, from Haskins Garden Centre and down to Southampton Parkway.

So, unfortunately, the current nightmare we already face twice a day, is only going to get worse. A lot worse!