Eastleigh Parking Fees Increase

Eastleigh parking fees increase

Eastleigh Parking Fees Increase

The council have passed plans for Eastleigh parking fees to increase in the town.

A budget cut of £4.7million needs to be made in 5 years so the council have to generate income in other ways.

in 2015 the council voted not to increase parking charges in order to support the town centre.

The fee hike will only affect long-term permit holders.  Eastleigh's 13-week permits will rise from £330 to £350 and the annual parking permit for five days will increase from £1,000 to £1,166, generating an extra £56,400.

The plans will not apply to shoppers using the long and short stay car parks and free parking after 3pm on High Street and Market Street will continue.

We think they probably meet the shortfall already with the amount of parking fines they dish out!