Eastleigh Borough 18th best place to live in UK

eastleigh borough in top 20 best places to live uk

Eastleigh Borough 18th best place to live in the UK

The Borough of Eastleigh has been named as one of the top places to live in the United Kingdom, coming 18th out of 50.

The survey, conducted by Halifax, included factors such as the weather, employment levels, health and life expectancy, crime rates and personal wellbeing.

Our neighbours in Winchester came in at an impressive 4th place.  The South East dominates the list with 27 districts named, with Hart coming in 1st place for the 5th year running.

Eastleigh has the 3rd highest level of employment in Hampshire at 85.3 per cent. The UK average is 72.9 per cent.

The position for Eastleigh had a sharp rise having previously been listed as 53rd!

Eastleigh Borough best place to live