Speed Limit Reduced on Alan Drayton Way in Bishopstoke

Alan Drayton Way in Bishopstoke

Speed Limit Reduced on Alan Drayton Way in Bishopstoke

A busy road in Eastleigh has recently reduced its speed limit from 40mph to 30mph following a campaign by local residents.

There have been a number of motor related accidents along Alan Drayton Way in Bishopstoke, according to campaigners, which has led to the speed restrictions imposed.

Some motorists, however, have complained that the signs intended to signal the speed limit change along the road are barely visible.  The small red signs notifying drivers of this change in speed limit are at both ends of the affected road but can be quite easily missed.

There are no repeater signs present as lamppost spacing is sufficient for a 30mph limit to be assumed.

"The Eastleigh Neighbourhood Policing Team will be conducting patrols with a speed gun in order to monitor this in future; anyone driving over the limit may be issued a ticket." Said Lucinda Mack from the Safer Neighbourhood Team (Bishopstoke).

Others have expressed anger at the change branding it 'ridiculous'.

Despite protests from some, the speed limit is now in force and we hope none of you get issued a ticket and continue to drive safely throughout the area.