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clearall hard surface repairs

Surface Repair & Restoration Service

ClearAll Surface Repairs Ltd provide skilled restoration services for renewing damaged hard surfaces including glass polishing, scratched furniture, damaged worktops, cracked tiles and chipped ceramic bathroom suites.

Instead of replacing damaged surfaces, technicians repair work in less time, at less cost, benefiting both you and the environment with a surface repair service.

ClearAll Surface Repairs Ltd carry out professional, guaranteed repairs and restoration work in the Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and surrounding counties.

Surface repairs include:

Basins, baths, bricks, ceramic tiles, cladding, conservatories, caravans, doors, fitted furniture, floors, glass, granite, GRP & polycarbonates, kitchen units & doors, laminates &

Glass polishing and repair, Southampton, Hampshire

Glass polishing and repair

veneers, marble, panelling, powder-coated surfaces, radiators, shower trays, stone, uPVC, white goods, windows and worktops & countertops.

Scratches, dents, cracks, stains, scuff marks and worn surfaces are rejuvenated and left looking as good as new!

Whether the cause is impact, staining, contamination, burning, vandalism or accidental damage in construction or installation, ClearAll Surface Repair Ltd can help.


It all began in the field of metal polishing in the 1990's working for one of the worlds largest manufacturing companies in the production of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. Standards weren't just high, they were truly world class.

Brick Repair, Southampton, Hampshire

Brick Repair

This wasn't just for aesthetics either. Their clients were some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around and the machines made were used to create the medicinal pills and powders we all use and rely on to this day.

The company has sinced moved into the public sector and has grown to include glass polishing and hard surface repair, creating ClearAll Surface Repairs Ltd.

One of their first major contracts was working on the Olympic Village in London, helping

Damaged Countertop Worktop Repair, Southampton, Hampshire

Countertop and Worktop Repair

with its conversion to saleable flats and apartments by renewing the damaged glass, polishing out the scratches left behind by builders and cleaners.

Whether repairing a damaged worktop in a customers home, removing scratches from a shop window, to working on multi-million pound luxury apartments, ClearAll Surface Repairs Ltd has always remembered where it came from and kept that mentality of polishing to perfection in the work it does today, and every day.

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