Mela Festival Eastleigh 2015

Eastleigh Mela Festival Festival 2015

Eastleigh Mela Brings Community Together

The Asian Welfare and Cultural Association brought the community of Eastleigh together for it's 9th local Mela festival on Sunday 19th July.

The annual festival takes place on Leigh Road recreational ground with the aim of promoting community integration with a range of events.

Eastleigh Mela is supported by Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, where the first Mela was held in their grounds.

The many revellers to the sun soaked festival enjoyed performances with traditional music and dancing performances.  The delicious Asian cuisines on offer wafted over the huge audience.

Many stalls circled the stage where goods were sold and henna tattoos offered.

"Mela" is the Sanskrit word meaning 'meeting', 'fair' or 'gathering' and 'celebrations' of all kinds.

Outside of Asia, this has further developed into intercultural celebrations and festivals. These festivals have comprised of music, dance and food from a variety of cultures.

Since the 1980s Melas have been regularly held in large towns with significant ethnic minority populations, but many Melas are also held in communities where these populations are quite small, Eastleigh being one of them.


The Mela Festival Eastleigh was a huge hit and our local community should expect the event to get even bigger and better each year!