Hauntings in Eastleigh Borough

Stoneham Church

Local Haunting in Eastleigh

The Borough of Eastleigh is steeped in history with many local ghostly haunting legends.  Discover just some of the spooky hauntings in Eastleigh here!

The Grey Lady of Stoneham is associated with St Nicholas Church, known for it's one handed clock, in Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh. She has been seen kneeling at a particular gravestone, possibly that of her husband.

Hiltonbury Farmhouse

Hiltonbury Farmhouse

The Hiltonbury Farmhouse is a 16th century farmhouse once owned by Oliver Cromwell’s son Richard. The area then was known as ‘Hiltonbury’ not Hiltingbury, and the name is on the original deeds. It is reputed to have a ghost who appears occasionally in the original vaulted cellar, and in the kitchen area. In the attic there is a hidden room - once a priesthole used during the Civil War.


A haunted phone box once stood opposite the Hendy Ford car showroom and was featured in the DVD "Haunted Hampshire", with noted historian Richard Felix. The phone box has since been removed following a number of reported cases of the phone constantly ringing with just silence on the other end when answered.

Bursledon Brickworks  had its share of accidents and fatal

Bursledon Brickworks

Bursledon Brickworks

injuries of boys and men over the years.  Many of the kilns and workshops have the haunting spirits those of who worked in this Grade 2 listed building. Haunting activity reported at the brickworks include footsteps, whistling, voices, knocking on demand and the presence of dark figures that tower above you.

Polly Crook reportedly haunts the old Victorian bridge on Coal Park Lane in Bursledon.  Her love of distilled apple cider and clay pipe caused her to accidentally set herself alight on this spot.

The Botley Grange hotel towers in Hedge End is believed to be haunted in the towers by a former owners daughter. The father is said to have kept his daughter locked in one of the principle bedrooms because of a rumoured relationship with a knight.

In her desperate efforts to escape she clawed at the door with her fingernails, the marks could still be seen until recently.  Her attempts were futile and she died of starvation.  Her spirit is still thought to walk the landings at the hour of midnight.

A haunted oak tree stands close by, where her father stood to witness her confinement and revel in her suffering.

A monument stands mysteriously in the grounds with no inscription.  It is believed to mark the position at which a former owner’s daughter fell from her horse and was killed.


Everywhere has it's own legends and haunted tales.  Share yours with our readers by commenting below.  Alternatively, write your own post and have it published on the Eastleigh Borough community website.